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Who are we?

We, 1A CUE Consulting & Engineering GmbH, are an engineering office that has specialized in cross-sectoral areas of functional safety, systems engineering, functional implementation, test consulting, innovation management and mediation. Our vision is to make the industrial future more secure.

What do we do?

With our innovations and our expert knowledge, we advise and support technology companies in the fields of transportation, industry, energy and medical technology. Stay with us at the cutting edge and benefit from our solutions for autonomous systems, cyber security and artificial intelligence, among other things.


1A CUE Consulting & Engineering GmbH offers you methods, concepts and processes for the implementation of complex (safety-critical) systems that can be adapted for your respective customer project. This ensures that the respective standards are met, as well as the traceability and completeness of the work products.

functional safety

Building on the fully described system, we systematically analyze it, thereby uncovering security-critical paths. With the help of the analysis results, we develop innovative and robust safety concepts and support you in fulfilling the processes and standards for functional safety

Systems engineering

Systems engineering is the basis for safe and robust system development. This allows the behavior and structure of the system (textual and visual) to be displayed in a uniform and understandable way for all project employees. We use global standards such as SysML and UML for visualization.


In this brochure we introduce our company, 1A CUE Consulting & Engineering GmbH.


1A CUE Consulting & Engineering GmbH supports you in the implementation of your safety-related hardware and software. With our development methods you guarantee the safety (Safety & Security) of your products and verify / validate them with a suitable test process. From test planning to implementation, we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

Functional implementation

Based on the analysis of system requirements, we support you in realizing your secure hardware and software. The focus is on the fulfillment of security standards through suitable development methods and the choice of the right architecture (HW & SW) for your application. As part of the feature development, our solution also includes the selection of hardware or the secure configuration of your operating system (e.g. AUTOSAR).

Test advice

As part of your secure development and based on your test goals, we develop or improve your test process with you and support you in fulfilling guidelines (e.g. IEC 61508, SOTIF). With suitable test concepts, also for new technologies such as deep learning, we support your test management during planning and implementation.


Innovation management is our central element in expanding our pioneering role in the areas of functional safety and systems engineering. Guided by our vision of making the technical future more secure, we generate ideas and knowledge for the implementation of innovative methods, processes and concepts in order to be able to support our partners competently and future-oriented in their product developments.

Generation of solutions and ideas

1A CUE generates innovative ideas to solve future challenges in the areas of functional safety, systems engineering and cyber security. The method, concept and process development are central solution elements.

Ideas - and knowledge transfer

The solutions generated by 1ACUE are verified internally and then flow directly into our customer projects. In this way we ensure that our consulting and engineering services are always state-of-the-art. In addition, we publish our solutions in publications and share our knowledge in lectures and training courses.


Work in our young team and become one of our experts. Work in an agile environment.


Mediation is a method of constructive conflict management. The mediator creates a bridge between those involved in the conflict through his own inner attitude, as well as through communication and intervention techniques. In this way, the mediator supports the parties to the dispute to resolve their conflicts independently, voluntarily and non-violently. The mediator takes an impartial position and ensures confidentiality.

As a company, we not only offer mediation in the private sphere, but also help you with operational conflicts.